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A - Salzburg Cuillin Scottish Dancers
A - Wien RSCDS Vienna Branch
B - Brussels I Brussels Dance Scottish (RSCDS Affiliated Group)
B - Brussels II Caledonian Society of Brussels
B - Gent FLANDRACH vzw Scottish & Irish Dance School
B - Gent Vlaams Caledonische Society
BY - Minsk Minsk Scottish Dance Club (RSCDS Affiliated Group)
CH - Basel SCD Group Basel
CH - Dietlikon Dietlikon SCD Group
CH - Geneva Geneva SCD Club
CH - Lausanne Lausanne Scotts Kirk Scottish Dancing group
CH - Zurich Zurich SC Dancing Club
CZ - Brno C.T.S. Zert
CZ - Praha I Caledonian Club
CZ - Praha II Prague Scottish Dancing Group "NESSIE"
D - Berlin The SCD Society of Berlin
D - Berlin The Hopalots
D - Bochum Na Caoraich Caillte - die verlorenen Schafe
D - Bonn I Skua Dubh
D - Bonn II Caledonian Society Bonn
D - Chemnitz SCD Chemnitz
D - Darmstadt
D - Denkendorf tamburin
D - Detmold SCD Group Detmold
D - Duesseldorf Jona Dancers
D - Duisburg The Swinging Kilts
D - Erlangen ER-Folk SCD im Erlanger Tanzhaus e.V.
D - Erlangen Erlangen SCD Group
D - Essen EMO Dancers SCD Group
D - Frankfurt Frankfurt SCD Club
D - Freiburg
D - Friedrichshafen
D - Hamburg I Scottish Country Dancers of Hamburg
D - Heidelberg SchloB Dancers SCD Heidelberg
D - Hildesheim Scottish Flowers
D - Karlsruhe SC Dancers Karlsruhe e.V.
D - Koeln Cologne SC Dancers
D - Landshut-Ergolding Golden Reelers
D - Luebeck Spinning Teapots
D - Mainz Mainzer Narhalla Dancers
D - Marburg
D - Muenchen Munich Scottish Association
D - Muenster
D - Oldenburg Potters Pairs
D - Peine Owl Town Dancers
D - Regensburg SCD Regensburg
D - Saarbruecken wee hoppers Saarbruecken
D - Schluechtern I The Flying Celts
D - Schluechtern II RSCDS Central Germany Branch
D - Schnega Tartan Tatties
D - Schwaebisch Gmuend Rechberg Scottish Dancers e.V.
D - Stade Scottish Country Dancers of Stade
D - Stuttgart tamburin
D - Tuebingen I Ceilidh Dancers Tuebingen
D - Wunstorf SCD Group Wunstorf
D - Wuppertal The Thistle and Shamrock Dancing Club
DK - Koebenhavn I St.Andrew's of Denmark
DK - Koebenhavn II Dancetide
E - Javea Javea Group
E - Madrid Schiehallion-Madrid Group
E - El Escorial Schiehallion-Madrid Group
EST - Tallinn Tallinn SCD Group
F - Grenoble Le Chardon du Dauphine
F - Lanester / Bretagne Association Morbihannaise de Danses Ecossaises
F - Lyon RSCDS Lyon Branch
F - Montpellier Club de Danse Ecossaise de Montpellier
F - Nantes-en-Rattier club de danse la Mure d'Isere
F - Paris RSCDS Paris Branch
F - Sene Albabihan
F - St Quay-Perros / Brittany Scots Bonnet
F - Strasbourg Strasbourg SC Dancers
F - Vercors / Meaudre Meaudre Reel
GBG - Guernsey The Guernsey Scottish Association
GBJ - St.Peter, Jersey Jersey Caledonia SCD Group
H - Budapest Budapest Skot Tanz Klub
I - Bergamo Societa' di Danza Circolo Bergamo Citta dei Mille
I - Bergamasco Societa' di Danza Circolo Bergamasco
I - Bologna RSCDS - Northern Italy Branch
I - Bologna II Societa' di Danza - Circolo Bolognese
I - Ferrara Societa' di Danza - Circolo Ferrarese
I - Florence I Amici della Scozia
I - Firenze/Florence II Societa' di Danza - Firenze
I - Forli Societa' di Danza - Circolo di Romagna
I - Lecce Societa' di Danza Puglia: Lecce & Bari
I - Livorno Societa' di Danza - Circolo Livornese
I - Lucca Societa' di Danza - Lucca
I - Mantova Sociata' di Danza - Mantova
I - Milano Societa' di Danza Milanese
I - Milan Milan Scottish Country Dancers MSCD
I - Modena Societa' di Danza - Circolo Modenese
I - Pisa Societa' di Danza - Circolo Pisano
I - Roma Societa' di Danza Romana
I - Torino Clivis SCD Society
I - Trento Societa' di Danza - Trentino&Tridentum
I - Torino Societa' di Danza Circolo Torinese
I - Viareggio (LU) Societa di Danza - Viareggio
I - Vicenza RSCDS - Northern Italy Branch
L - Luxemburg Luxembourg SCD Club
MC - Monaco The SD Group of Monaco
N - Oslo Oslo SCD Group
NL - Amsterdam British Society SCD Amsterdam Reel
NL - Delft RSCDS Delft Branch
NL - Eindhoven The Thistle Club
NL - Heerde The Rowan Tree Dancers
NL - Utrecht The Swilcan SCD Group
NL - Den Haag III St.Andrew's Society of the Netherlands
NL - Zuidlaren Carieke's school of Highland Dancing
P - Lisbon (Carcavelos) SCD Group of Portugal
P - Lisbon (Lapa) Lisbon-Lapa Scottish Country Dance Group
P - Lisbon (Telheiras) Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group
PL - Krakow Comhlan
RUS - Irkutsk Early Dance Group 'Antiquo More'
RUS - Krasnodar Kuban Scottish Dancers
RUS - Moscow I RSCDS group Moscow
RUS - Moscow II Shady Glen - Scottish Dance School
RUS - Moscow III SCD Club in Moscow
RUS - Novosibirsk Dance Studio "Medieval"
RUS - Perm Silver Tassie
RUS - St.Peterburg I a Schiehallion Dance School
RUS - St.Peterburg I b Puffins & Muffins Scottish Dance Club
RUS - St.Peterburg I c St. Andrews Dance Club
RUS - Tomsk Fiato Scorso
RUS - Voronezh Kamenny most
S - Goeteborg RSCDS Gothenburg Branch
S - Stockholm RSCDS Stockholm Branch
UA - Kyiv / Kiev Celtic Dance School "Lugnasad"